Our Mission
INKED Dance questions the social structures of American culture through various mediums to provoke thought and challenge ambiguity in social stigmas.  Through outreach, performance, and education: Inked Dance promotes tolerance and acceptance from the cultural down to the individual level of understanding in order to recognize stereotypes and subvert against them.

Inked began in the spring of 2012 and has since produced 3 full-length concerts, two in its 2013 season alone. Artistic director/ choreographer/ composer Brian Moe works with his diverse cast of 9 members from all over the Los Angeles area to create work that is athletic, exciting, and engaging to the audience. Inked has presented work at Highways in Santa Monica, The ARC in Pasadena, and at the Martha B Knobel dance theater at CSULB. Inked is known for its exciting partnering, beautiful original scores, and creating big productions.

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The LA Symphony and Other Works - October 2014
Premier at the Martha B. Knoebel Dance theater. Act 1: The LA Symphony, 3 dances. Act 2: Larks, 4 pieces for 5 dancers

Lullabye Adventures
- May 2014
Commissioned work from Santa Monica College.

October 2013
(Mix of dance film and live dance. Live dances : Chinvat Bridge (restaging), Walpurgisnacht 2013, Speak Dog Speak, and Fear of Flying)

RANT: A Tangent in Dance-
May 2013
(5 separate Pieces: Rant, Alpha, One of the Girls, Guy Talk, Chair Dance)

Very Vivacious Vagrants Vesting in Vivid Velocities (V6)-
May 2013
Commissioned work for 7 dancers, Premier at Santa Monica College.

Kinetic Residue -
April 2012

Chinvat Bridge - October 2011

Heaven - April 2011

Transitioning Through Cyclic Existence - October 2010

Who's Leaving Now? (Film) - August 2010

Walpurgisnacht - April 2009

Nightmare - April 2009

Vanity - October 2008