The LA Symphony and Other Works (2014) Act I: The LA Symphony

LA Symphony from Brian Moe on Vimeo.

From INKED Dance's 3rd full length evening, The LA Symphony and other works. ACT 1: Allegro, Adagio, Schero. Music and Choreography by Brian Moe.

ACT II: Larks

Act II: Larks from Brian Moe on Vimeo.

Act 2 of Inked Dance's October 2014 performance, "The LA Symphony and other works." This piece is called 'Larks' set to Franz Joseph Haydn's Sting Quartet in D Major, Op 64., no 5. 4 movements. Choreography by Brian Moe.
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NIGHTMARES - Full Concert (2013)

Nightmares Full Concert from Brian Moe on Vimeo.

"Nightmares" - Premier October 2013 at Highways performance space.
INKED Dance Choreographer Brian Moe invites you to explore some of your deepest, darkest, and most shared fears.
This multimedia performance includes video and live dance.
Music/ choreography/ costumes/ editing by Brian Moe

Brian Moe Choreography Reel (2014)

Choreography Reel 2014 from Brian Moe on Vimeo.

Brian Moe Choreography Reel 2014. Brian Moe is the artistic director of INKED Dance. Visit for more information

Fear Of Flying from Nightmares (2013)
Kinetic Residue (2012)
Dancers- Brian Moe and Randyn Spear- Jones